Choosing a New Garage Door Opener

Choosing a New Garage Door Opener - When you’re wanting to choose a new garage doorway opener, you may find yourself confused because of the many choices. You must consider several place specific factors, especially if you have not previously had an automatic opener installed at your residence. New technology means you could have many choices and decisions to produce. Here are some insider tips for deciding which type of garage door opener is the most suitable for you.
Evaluating Power as well as Location Requirements for New Products

Most automatic opener systems attract between three and five amps, with respect to the lighting type they include. Each opener requires a grounded container nearby and plugs in using a standard power cord. Extension cords usually are not allowed, per electrical code. You will need ample clearance from the limit, as well as an electrician running the necessary power. A focused breaker is recommended, with 15 amps for a one or two car garage and 20 amps for a three-car configuration. For the in house hard-wired wall switch, installation should be high enough to position the switch out of reach of any children in the home.

Automatic Opener Drive Types

Automated openers appear in four basic types: direct powered, chain driven, twist driven and belt driven. Chain-driven models, the original type, use a chain loop to maneuver the door. Although this is actually the least expensive type, it can be the loudest when operating. Belt-driven openers utilize a reinforced rubber belt in lieu of a chain. This option costs more but is quieter compared to a chain drive. Screw-driven models use a threaded material rod to open and in close proximity. Although this manner requires less maintenance, it doesn’t do well in areas with temperature opposites. The direct-driven type uses just one part (the motor) and is incredibly quiet. These are similar within cost to belt-driven systems. Which kind is right for you? That will depend on your budget, your tolerance for noise and how reliable you want your opener to be.

Intelligent Door Opener Options and Functions

The past things to consider when deciding on your automatic opener system tend to be which optional features are important to your family. Safety features, including an intelligent reverser mechanism and optic column, are required by code. The type of light your selection has is one of the most important considerations, pertaining to desired brightness and the kind of lamps (bulbs) it requires. Battery backup is just not a standard feature, so look for that option if it’s imperative that you you. Without it, you will struggle to raise or lower the door during a power outage. Upgraded security features and keyless entry pads tend to be both popular options and, obviously, the remote control feature is ubiquitous. Other considerations are the kind of warranty that’s important to you and whether you plan to install the system on your own. When choosing a garage doorway opener, trust a pro to help steer you right.

Most consumers do not realize that automatic garage opener systems appear in do-it-yourself and contractor (professional) models. Although the home stores will seek to tell you they’re the same, that’s not true. Pro models contain a single-rail system (rather in comparison with multiple pieces attached together), making them much more resilient than the DIY type. If you’re wanting to buy a new system, contact a nearby garage-door contractor before you complete a purchase. Their trained professional technicians will help you select the style and features which can be right for you and provide a hassle-free installation with a complete contractor warranty. Professional contractors make buying a garage door opener easy.


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