GROWING TOMATOES CHEMICAL FREE IN YOUR GARDEN -A worldwide trend, growing tomatoes in the garden has been a hot favorite among vegetable agriculture hobbyists. The appeal could probably lie in the convenience of planting tomatoes or its brilliant colours that looks cheerful and can brighten up one’s day. Just in case you are not aware, tomatoes can be of various colours-yellow, red, green white and even purple. So let’s understand how to grow tomatoes probably chemical free in our garden. Climate and Variety Tomatoes normally grow in hot sunny climate and there are hundreds of its varieties. Hence you need to visit local nursery and pick up seeds that best grow in your area. Selecting the Area You need to find an area wherever there’s sensible ventilation, adequate sunlight exposure and enough areas for the tomatoes to grow as high as six feet. On the other hand, if you are certain that you just don’t have superb soil; you have the choice to grow them in containers. For container grown tomatoes, it’s suggested that they be grown in cold conditions and placed inside. Preparing the Tomato Seeds The tomato seeds are placed in a jar full of water and the jar covered with tightly with a cling film with some holes to allow air to pass through. Both water and air is essential for the seeds to grow into seedlings. Place the jar in an area of adequate sunlight for about 3 days till you see some dirt floating within the water. Take away these bits from the water. Launder the dirt from the tomatoes employing sieve technique till they are clean enough. Now put the washed seed on a towel placed on a plate for drying. Flip them over once on a daily basis for quicker dehydration. Planting and Growing them Now sow the seeds in your pre-prepared area or container. Ensure proper spacing so that each seedling has enough space to grow and breathe. Now regularly water them ensuring that you are not putting too much water. Every fortnight, enrich the soil with natural fertilizers like cow manure and seaweed concentrates. Fertilizers should not be excessive since they can damage the plants. Keep an eye for pests and take adequate precaution. Soon you will be blessed with plants bearing loads of juicy tomatoes. The answer to how to grow tomatoes should no longer be a puzzle.


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