Rock Landscape Water Future

Rock Landscape Water Future - Landscaping your home should include an array of boulders. Native, natural rock appears frequently in mountain landscapes and what could appear more natural than a rock garden featuring a Rocky Mountain style waterfall with rocks, boulders and natures most pleasant sounds? Rock gardens specifically set up to create natural appearing water features, with or without a pond, bring the ultimate joy to any backyard setting.
Using the back yard frequently means you want ambiance worthy of the Rocky Mountain State's reputation. Nothing goes to waste in nature, the great earth uses every ounce of stone to create appealing, representative water features you can use as inspiration for your rock garden. Whether you opt for a massive boulder sized structure with high falling waters, or a trickling mountain stream ending with a pondless basin, you'll be relaxed and refreshed after a day of bubbling waters, ready to return to the grind, after you've enjoyed sitting near your newly landscaped feature.

The captivating sounds of water gurgling over boulders that appear to be fresh off the side of the Colorado Rockies offer more than just a luxurious setting for a back yard barbeque. Consider the joy you'll feel watching a refreshing water fall after a long day of stressing over numbers and business deals at the office. Could anything be more relaxing?

There are three essential ways you can use large rocks, or boulders to create water features in your garden:

A gurgling fountain bubbling up from the center of a boulder, overflowing and running off the sides.

Incorporate large boulders or native rocks in your waterfall with trickling waters flowing over and cascading down a rocky mountain laid out to be viewed from your patio or deck.

A trickling brook, created with river rock and a pondless basin featuring silent pumps to move the water from the bottom back to the top for a replay of natures blessed sounds.

Whether you want the additional joys brought on by a koi pond reflection of clear blue skies and garden plants surrounding your water feature or just the babbling of a pondless brook, your best option can be found in one of many water-feature ideas. Professional landscapers offer small local services for seasonal care and construction as well as larger team builds for commercial grade projects. Water feature landscape specialists trained by the best organizations in the field respond to your needs and understand the demand for quality service.

What can a Rocky Mountain water feature do for your back yard?

Create ambiance - featuring sounds and visuals native to local mountain ranges, inspired by rocks and boulders rescued from rock slides and reused in your landscape.

Surround sound - offering the trickling sounds and splashes of a water garden to your back yard reduces traffic sounds and other obstructions to your opportunity to relax and enjoy your own home. You'll love the difference.

Visual inspiration - we all need a little inspiration now and then, to bring us back to nature without taking a vacation or trip to find it. Having your own water garden in the back garden landscape, allows you to generate that inspiration, close to home.


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