Roof Top Garden: Get Creative

Roof Top Garden: Get Creative - Are you serious about trying out your green thumb? Of course, you need to start somewhere and this season get ready to start from your home! How do you like the idea of turning your outdoor into an extended living space? Splendid isn’t it! Well, you are not alone because getting a greenhouse at your driveway or at your backyard or possibly at your terrace stands as an incredible option. Sure you can add that bit of green patch wherever you want! And if you are still unsure where to craft your own green corner then it’s time for a small roof top garden.

To be honest, the concept of terrace garden is indeed nothing new and it breathes an antique past dating back to ancient Iceland, early Babylon and much of Europe. In the 1800s sod roofs were widespread in the US. Just like fashion and trend the concept of roof top garden has also taken a whole U TURN to match with the era’s requirements. Perhaps, you have seen a terrace garden at a restaurant, at your friend’s place or even at your boy friend’s apartment however now it’s time for you to envisage your creativity amidst the pea green splendor of a living roof!

Sure you can create your own terrace garden based on your limitations and budget however there are three basic types of styles available depending on your roof’s strength and on other allied structure of the terrace. Yes, we are talking about the extensive living roof, intensive roof top garden and the semi extensive living roof styles, which have now taken the concept of gardening idea to the next plane of creativity. While the extensive living roof is rather easy to maintain, the semi extensive ones however stand as the decorative alternatives with more layers of soil and with much varieties of plants! On the other hand the intensive living roof stands as a complete terrace garden, which needs adequate care and proper maintenance quite like its traditional counterpart.

Wait, before you order any greenhouse materials to design your own living roof. There are certain significant aspects, which you need to consider. First things first, your terrace needs to be strong and supportive and also it needs to be water proof. And once you make sure that your terrace is strong enough to have a small green patch, you need to work on the soil type to grow colorful flower or seasonal vegetables.

Honestly, what can be more relaxing than letting your hair down amidst the picturesque brilliance of your plant garden! And this season if you are serious about making your roof top garden the ultimate place to unwind and relax then look for the butterfly chair to add color and style to the terrace. Take it in writing, outdoor gardening remains incomplete without the stylish and contemporary range of the butterfly chairs.

It is all about choosing the right greenhouse materials that are durable, useful and comfortable and this is exactly where the incredible range of butterfly chair plays its part. Available in many colors, patterns and styles the comfortable and stylish range of chair is here to add pizzas to your living environment.

About the Author: Floren Neel is associated with some roof top garden material suppliers and greenhouse materials suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good greenhouse, flower gardens easily.


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