Three Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Bench

Three Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Bench 

After sitting with my sweetheart all those many years ago in the shade of a large cottonwood tree on a rustic wooden bench, and receiving a diamond ring and a promise of a life together, I became sentimental about benches. Benches are the loveseat of the outdoors, and allow two (typically) or more people to engage in a more intimate conversation. Most of the time, when planning a park, etc. benches are employed rather than chairs mainly due to of the practicality of the bench vs. chairs. When designing your outdoor living space, does the bench have a place in it or should you stick with chairs?

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This author says that every outdoor space should have some sort of bench available, since having one brings so much more into the area and gives it the ability to create a quiet nook or space for more intimate conversations. When looking at the types of benches available, a simple search of garden benches on Pinterest brings up a plethora of different styles, colors and settings and if you were not already sold on the need for a bench in your garden – you will be! Benches with their own style are abundant, and it is clear that benches are not an old-fashioned idea which has gone by the wayside.

When you design your garden and if you are fortunate enough to have a shady little nook in which to place your bench – you can go from the traditional “park bench” look to more trendy and modern looking styles. Colors can be subtle or even make a bold statement (one of this author’s more interesting finds is a brightly painted purple bench). Other people prefer a bench with some provenance – and for this, one must visit parks in England. In several city parks, one can find teak benches which are made from reclaimed teak from ships of the British Navy. Some of the finer teak benches are at least 200-300 year of age and still offer a comfortable place to rest after taking a stroll on a warm, sunny day.

Seriously considering a bench for your backyard or front porch will bring a touch of timeless beauty and practicality into your space. You can find many types of benches to make yourself or even have specially made to match your patio area, especially if you have a small yard in which to work with. Get a nice wooden teak bench that you can place either on the porch in the shade or under some nice, tall trees (you won't regret it!).


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