Start Your Own Vertical Garden Tutorial

Vertical Garden Tutorial 

Want to have a garden that is simple but do not have space? The vertical garden is the solution for this particular dilemma. Here is a guide to start developing a garden that is vertical inside as well as outside the house plus some easy suggestions.

According to Real Simple, step one in building a garden that is vertical is picking what type of garden that suits the home. There are different vertical gardens to choose from, plus among the easiest is a container-style garden. Potted plants that are attached to your wall or displayed in rows are used by this type of garden. Another type of vertical garden is the pocket garden which features plants that are tucked into pockets which can be produced from felt or canvas.

Vertical garden idea DIY, Hanging Garden

It is now time to consider the placement of the garden after deciding what kind of vertical garden to construct. Vertical gardens are perfect anywhere, may it be outside or inside the house. You can even choose to place a herb garden in the kitchen. It is important that the place is where the plants can receive only enough sunlight exposure to growing.

Afterward, plants for the garden that was vertical can now be chosen. Besides succulents, one can likewise try growing herbs and vegetables. If it is allowed by the climate in the area, you may also choose ferns and native perennials.

According to Homify, custom frames can be built by one for the vertical garden, and there are still some DIY ideas available online. They include the use of wooden sticks, plastic sheets and fabrics which may retain water.


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